This program enables Canadian employers to hire foreign caregivers (nannies) to live and work in their homes

    Canada Caregivers must meet the following initial selection criteria to be able to apply in the Caregiver program. They must have:

    • completed an education equal to that of a Canadian secondary school diploma,
    • at least
    • six months of full-time classroom training in caregiving or one year of work experience as a caregiver or in a related job within the last three years (including at least six months of ongoing work with one employer),
    • the ability to speak, read and understand English or French, so that they can work on their own without being supervised,
    • medical, security and criminal clearances, and
    • be in receipt of a valid job offer from an employer who has received a positive LMIA

    The new Caregiver Program was formally known as the Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP) and enables Canadian employers to hire foreign caregivers (nannies) to live and work in their homes to provide childcare or home support for seniors or people with disabilities After two years working, caregivers can apply for permanent residence. Most notably, CIC has ended the live-in requirement unless there is an agreement between the employer and caregiver for living in the home

    There are now three ways to apply for permanent residence, based on Canadian work experience, as a caregiver.

    If you are eligible, you can use any of these options to apply.

    1. Caring for Children Program
    2. Caring for People with High Medical Needs Program
    3. Live-in Caregiver Program

    If you are an employer or Caregiver interested in applying for your first LMIA, extending an existing work permit, or applying for permanent residence, we are here to help. Please call or email us for a consultation.

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